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The Data Center

Strategic production asset

A company specialized in the design and management of Data Centers, with particular attention to the problems of security and service continuity, Cloud Europe was born to meet the needs of the new industrial revolution. The company, based in Rome, builds, hosts and manages modular infrastructure for customer data centers in the private and public sectors. Cloud Europe's goal is to provide a cutting-edge service, characterized by the highest standards of security and quality and is aimed at organizations operating in the financial and insurance world and in general to all those organizations that have business continuity management as a strategic policy.

Our services

In a reality in which information systems are the nerve center of a company, the structures linked to the Data Center and Virtual Hosting technologies are the basic layer.

Our Services

Outsourcing infrastructure

Cloud Europe offers a complete Outsourcing service regulated by specific Service Level Agreements ...


Hosting - IAAS

The transition to an as a service consumption model is today the winning weapon for the markets

Managed IT Services

Guarantees of quality, continuity and efficiency cannot ignore technological and infrastructure choices

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Cloud Europe's mission is to design data center solutions that guarantee a minimum efficiency of 99.995%


Telco & Cross-Connections Area, telecommunications services and supply of connectivity (optical fiber) according to the highest safety and quality standards, as per ANSI/TIA specifications: TIER IV

Data Center certifications

Cloude Europe meets the highest standards of resilience. Rating 4 ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 LEVEL: TIER IV/RATING 4

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