The Data Centre is equipped with the most modern systems which guarantee both physical and logical security for sites, people, system access, intrusion detection systems etc, and reliability of service by providing an interruption free service. The facility is operated by skilled professionals working in shifts.
The Cloud Europe premises available for development and operational infrastructures have been designed to specifically ensure the information systems operations, guaranteeing optimal conditions for both physical and environmental safety.
Therefore, the service includes the following auxiliary systems and services:

Security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
CCTV (with video-recorded log)
Anti-intrusion systems
Automated control of access
Fire-fighting Systems (detection and extinguishing)
Uninterruptible electrical power units.
Diesel power-generating units
Self-sufficient air-conditioning plant
Computerized plant supervision and control system

The service centre of Cloud Europe, which has been operating since 2010, has a highly-qualified staff of professionals. It accommodates the main service and control unit of IT activities carried out by the company and represents a concrete example of European and international level technological excellence.
The site, located in Rome on the plain of the Tiburtina Valley, was built over a period of 18 months and occupies an area of 12,000 sqm., most of which is dedicated to technological facilities. The building was designed to provide a non-stop service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The building, which has three underground floor and four floors above ground, has optical fibre connections and is equipped with computerized control systems: anti-intrusion systems; smoke and fire detectors with an automatic extinguishing system; water infiltration detectors with an drainage system; air-conditioning systems.
The underground floor, which occupies a surface area of about 10,640 sqm, houses the vast and differentiated technological infrastructure, with traditional and avant-garde architectural elements that are used to manage the continuative management activities (outsourcing and managed services) dynamically, in different rooms. The building also comprises: a large conference hall, some warehouses, a refrigerating system, central heating system, electric control box, generating set room, uninterruptible power supply and battery rooms.
The ground floor, which covers about 4,000 sqm., is made up mainly of offices and houses the leading-edge control room.

Figure 1 : Service Center

The first, second and third floors, covering areas of 3,800, 4,000 and 3.600 sqm, respectively, are made up of offices and meeting rooms.
The service centre of Cloud Europe has, on many occasions, demonstrated its strength and efficiency in the field.

Figure 2 : Data Centre Main Entrance

The continuity of the service is not only a contractual obligation but also a part of a culture which leaves no room for improvisation.