Cloud Europe was born to deal with the new industrial devolution. The Company is based in Rome, in a modern high-tech area. It produces, hosts and manages data center and webfarm infrastructure. The our goal is to provide an innovative service with the highest standards of safety, security and quality. Cloud Europe caters to companies operating in the financial and insurance world and to all those companies with a strategic policy management in the business continuity.

Teamworking (between Cloud Europe, his customers and his suppliers), innovation, and identification of the most suitable solution are the added values of Cloud Europe, that combines all different strengths and different specializations in engineering fields.

Cloud Europe Mission is to design data center and web farm solutions that guarantee efficiency of 99,995% minimum over every single year. It uses the integration with own innovative and engineered system to meet current and future needs of Society.

Cloud Europe offers a careful and timely management, so It guarantees high performance, thus avoiding inefficiencies that can lead to problems of loss of important and sensitive data.